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Why choose the Mind Body Spirit Center?

At the Mind Body Spirit Center we address the connection between the mind, body and spirit. If the mind, body or spirit isn’t in balance or living life’s purpose we won’t be living happy, content and fulfilling lives.

Here are some thoughts to consider:
The MIND does tend to lie to us. The mind has the capability of telling you exactly what you want to hear. Sometimes we choose to believe what we want to believe rather than address the reality of what is really happening in our lives. Often this choice is made because we are fearful of not knowing how to make the changes necessary for true happiness.

The BODY is constantly sending us messages/signals to warn us the mind, body and spirit are off balance. Sometimes we choose not to heed these warnings. We “stuff those feelings” instead through using “coping mechanisms” like over-eating, drinking too much, trying to be perfect, compulsive shopping, trying to please others, or we end up in non-ending power struggles with others. All of the above are “coping mechanisms” we use to ignore what is really happening around us. The largest problem that develops from utilizing “coping mechanisms” is the real issues are never addressed.

Our SPIRIT/ SOUL/INTUITION continue to push us toward living in balance. Do you know what your purpose in life is? Do you know what you need rather than what you want? Do you trust and pay attention to the subtle insights, feelings, and hunches you have? What are your hopes for the future when you reflect upon the past? If you could be living a joyful fulfilling life what would it look like? What changes would you make? How and where would you begin?

If you want a clearer understanding of what changes you need to make so you can live a life of balance please call us.

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Carol Ann Lowinske, Licensed Psychologist.
Mind Body Spirit Center, 160 Waynesborough Way Mankato, MN 507-625-2660