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Carol Ann has been working with couple for 20 years and has learned an immense amount of knowledge from them that she utilizes in her approach to couple/relationship therapy. She meets with couple as individuals first so she can determine your individual values, opinions, goals, attitudes and what you feel are the problems in your relationship.

As individuals meet with Carol Ann issues that might be hindering you as an individual will be addressed and resolved. Relationship “tests” will be given to find what the major issues are that need to be addressed down the road to help Carol Ann develop a process that fits your needs. After that, couples are taught communication techniques to address these difficulties in a manner that is respectful and helpful to your relationship. In the process of doing this other issues that are hindering your relationship that need to be addressed might be one or more of the following: Essential features of INTIMACY - self-disclosure - authenticity - helping behaviors - acceptance - positive regard - trust - similarities - commitment to FAIR FIGHTING - not running away, staying and listening, paraphrasing, recognizing your “anger triggers“, and body signals, sticking to the issue -stopping “stockpiling” - recognizing your blocks to respectful communication -etc.

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Carol Ann Lowinske, Licensed Psychologist.
Mind Body Spirit Center, 160 Waynesborough Way Mankato, MN 507-625-2660