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Domestic abuse has been called the "hidden crime" for centuries. Domestic implies that the abuse is being caused by someone close to you. Domestic abuse includes physical, psychological and sexual abuse as well as any other behavior a person uses to control you. Abusive partners might use intimidation, isolation or emotional abuse to control their partners. If you feel you are being put down, that someone is playing mind games with you, and/or is making you afraid, if you feel like you are "walking on eggshells" you are probably living with someone that uses power and control tactics to keep you in the relationship. The irony is the more control he/she uses the more the partner wants to leave. If you are with someone that makes light of the abuse and doesn't take your concerns seriously you need to make the call. Carol Ann has lived in an abusive relationship. She has utilized therapy to assist her in leaving the abusive relationship, in increasing her self-worth and self-confidence and also in her helping move on with her life. Carol Ann has helped start several shelters in the area and has also worked with men that have been arrested for domestic assault. She has had specialized training in helping individuals that use abuse as a control tactic. She also has had many, many years of successful experience working with victims of domestic abuse. Any behavior that utilizes power and control methods is abuse and takes away your sense of free will.

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Carol Ann Lowinske, Licensed Psychologist.
Mind Body Spirit Center, 160 Waynesborough Way Mankato, MN 507-625-2660